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Sunday, July 24, 2011


Taronga Zoo
Taronga Zoo is the major zoo in Australia. It is located in Sydney, New South Wales. It
occupies a 33-hectare location. The name “taronga” is an Aboriginal name. It means “water view”.
The Zoo has Australia's finest collection of native Australian animals and many exotic species. It has kangaroos, wallabies, and koalas. Those animals can be seen from a close distance. There are platypuses, echidnas, and New Zealand kiwis in the Nocturnal House. There are also gorillas in the new Gorilla Tropical Forest. All animals in the zoo are kept very well. They are kept in the environment that is like their natural habitat. Taronga is usually used as a site for scientific research, conservation, and education. It also offers a range of educational and special interest tours.
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6. What is the text tells us about?
a. Taronga Zoo b. Kangaroos
c. Gorilla TropicaL Forest d. Koalas
7. Where is Taronga Zoo located?
a. It is located in Sydney, Australia. c. It is located in New York.
b. It is located in New Zealand. d. It is located in the Aboriginal site.
8. Which of the following statements is true according to the text?
a. Taronga Zoo is the only zoo in Australia.
b. The animals in Taronga Zoo cannot be seen in a close distance.
c. The name “taronga” is aboriginal for “water view”.
d. Taronga Zoo only has native Australian animals.
9. Which of the following words is the synonym of “major”?
a. Inferior. c. Significant.
b. Secondary. d. Ordinary
My lovely puppies
My dog, Betsy, gave birth to four puppies five months ago. The first is Robin. He is a big male. His hair is brown with black markings. I put a black ribbon on his neck. The second is a male too. I named him Oscar. He has brown hair with white markings. He has a white ribbon around his neck. The two other puppies are brown haired with no markings. They are female. They are Ruby and Opal. Ruby has a red ribbon on her neck while Opal has a pink ribbon. Even though they are not quite the same, they are all so cute. I love them all.
10. What is the main idea of the text above?
a. The writer’s lovely Dog, Robin
b. The writer’s dog, Besty, gave birth to four puppies five months ago
c. My lovely puppies
d. Robin has a brown hair with black markings
11. What is the purpose of the text?
a. To describe the puppies.
b. To advertise the puppies birth.
c. To tell about how the puppies were born.
d. To give information about the birth of the puppies.
12. Even though they are not quite the same,…
The antonym of the underline word is…
a. similar c.various
b. Different d. kinds
13. His hair is brown with black markings. (line 2)
The word ‘his’ refers to…
a. Robin c. Ruby
b. Oscar d. Opal

I had just got into bed about half past eleven when I felt the tremor. The bed started to tremble and I noticed the electric light, which was hung on the ceiling, was swaying.
Then I got out of bed quickly and went to look out of the windows. As I looked, I saw the house opposite began to fall sideways. Then I realized what was happening. I put on my dressing-gown hurriedly and rushed out into the garden.
I was alone in the house. My wife and children had gone to visit my mother-in-law.
For three or four minutes, I heard a terrible noise of walls falling down, and people screaming, and I saw clouds of dust in the air. Then the trembling stopped.
There were about fifty persons killed and more than two hundred injured. The damage to property was considerable, and about three hundred houses would have to be completely rebuilt.
14. When did the writer realize what was happening ?
While he was …………………..
a. Feeling his bed started to tremble when they walk along the seashore
b. Noticing the electric light swaying
c. Hearing terrible noise oh wall falling
d. Watching the house began to fall sideways.
15. How did the writer save his life?
a. By looking out of the window c. By turning the electric light off
b. By rushing out into the garden d. By getting the bed out of the room
This text for number 16-18
It was my grandpa’s birthday party last Sunday. On Friday my sister and I went shopping on the mall. We bought a nice shirt. Then, we wrapped it in a blue paper. Blue paper is my grandpa’s favorite color.
On Saturday morning, my brother and I helped my sister making a birthday cake in the kitchen. It was a big and beautiful birthday cake. I wrote “Happy Birthday” on it. After that, we put some chocolate and a candle the top of the cake.
On Sunday evening, my uncle and my aunt came to my house. They brought several bottles of soft drink and flower for grandpa. Then we sat together in the living room. Finally, grandpa blew the candle and cut the cake while we were singing A Happy Birthday song for him. After giving each of us a piece of cake, He opened the present. He told that he liked the present and he was very happy.
16. What did the writer buy from the mall?
A. a nice shirt C. a blue shirt
B. a blue paper D. a present
17. What does “it” in sentence 4, first paragraph refer to?
A. birthday C. wrap
B. shirt D. paper
18. Who came to the writer’s house last Sunday evening?
A. her uncle did C. her uncle’s family did
B. her uncle and her aunt did D. her uncle and her sister did
The following text is for question 19-21
One day, Jane was caught in the rain. When she reached home, she started sneezing. Soon, Jane was down with a cold.
The next morning, Jane’s mother took her to doctor. The doctor said that Jane had flu and he gave her some medicine. He also advised Jane to drink more water and take a good rest.
When Jane reached home, she went straight to bed. She slept till lunch time. Her mother carried her meal to her bedroom. She also brought Jane her medicine. After eating, Jane went back to sleep.
When Jane woke up for dinner, she felt much better. Her best friend called to find out how she was, she also told Jane briefly what the teacher had taught that day.
The next day, Jane had recovered. She missed her friend and was glad to go back to school again.
19. Why did Jane catch a cold? Because she…..
A. caught it from her friends C. did not wear a raincoat
B. drank too much ice D. was caught in the rain
20. When Jane reached home, she went straight to bed.(paragraph 3)
What does the synonym of the bold word?
A. Crooked C. strong
B. Directly D. easy
21. “The next day, Jane had recovered”. What is the opposite meaning of the italic word?
A. had got sick C. had got better
B. got well D. had found
The following question for number 22-23
How To Make An Omelet
2 eggs
25 gram of oil
250 ml of milk
Frying pan
1. Take the pan and put in the oil.
2. Heat the oil until it is hot
3. Break the eggs into a bowl and add the milk
Then mixed, pour to the frying pan
4. Fry until the omelet in brown on one side and then turn it over in the pan
5. Serve it with garnish of parsley
22. What does the text tell us?
A. the steps of making omelet C. The way to make omelette
B. the ingredients of making omelet D. the amount of oil needed making omelette
23. How much milk is needed to make omelette?
A. 1 liter C. 0,25 liter
B. 0.5 liter D. 2.5 liter
The following text is for number 24-27
Once upon time, there were a king and his queen who lived in the kingdom of Belinyu. They didn’t have a child. Until one night, the queen had a dream of turtle. It said that the queen would have a baby and she had to give a komala necklace to her baby. The queen woke up and she was holding a komala necklace in her hand. She told her dream to the king, and he was very happy.
Shortly, the queen’s dream became reality; she delivered a beautiful baby girl. The king named her Komala. She grew up as a pretty girl, however she had a bad attitude because her parents always spoiled her too much.
One day, Komala heard her parents were talking about the turtle in her mother’s dream. She thought that the turtle was very interesting animal. So she wanted it as her pet. She insisted to find it and the king allowed her to look for the animal.
Accompanied with the king’s guard, Komala searched the turtle and finally, she found it in the beach. She shouted to it, “ Penyu busuk wait for me” in several times, but the turtle kept swimming. Komala ran after it into the sea. She tried to catch it. Until then she finally drowned and disappeared and all of her guards could not save her. Now, people call the beach penyusuk.
24. What does the story tell us?
A. a bad attitude girl C. The legend of Penyu Busuk
B. A kingdom in Belinyu D. The legend of Penyusuk Beach
25. What is the main idea of the last paragraph?
A. The king permitted Komala to find the turtle C. Komala drawned into the sea
B. The celebration of Komala’s birthday D. The turtle disappeared
26. Komala had a bad attitude because……
A. she was a princess C. she was a beautiful girl
B. her father was a king D. her parents spoiled her very much
27. Until then she finally drowned…….(last paragraph). The synonym of the word “ drowned”is…….
A. disappeared C. swam
B. floated D. sank

The following text is for number 28-31
Leaf is an above ground plant organ specialized for photosynthesis. For this purpose, a leaf is typically flat (leminer) and thin.
Leaves are also the sites in most plants where transpiration and guttation take place. Leaves can store food and water, and are modified in some plants for other purposes. The c comparable structures of terms are correctly referred to as fronds. Furthermore, leaves are prominent in the human diet as leaf vegetables.
28. The leaves are flat because they….
A. are located above ground C. contain chlorophyll
B. are used for photosynthesis D. are used for human diet
29. The following facts are true about leaves except:
A. They are used as human food C. They are thin and flat
B. they can store food and water D. They are under ground plant-organ
30. “ A leaf is typically flat (laminas) and thin” . The bold type word is synonym with….
A. not many C. rarely
B. sometimes D. commonly
31. According to the text which statement is false:
A. leaves can store food and water
B. leaves are prominent in the human diet as leaf vegetables
C. guttation and transpiration take place in flower
D. a leaf is typically flat(laminas) and thin

The following text is for number 32-33
Sunday, 6 march 2011
From : Yukokawasaki@ Yahoo. Com
To : ratuulfa@ Yahoo. Co. id

Dear Ulfa,
I’m so excited about my coming to Jakarta. I’m sure this is going to be one of my summer holiday.
My flight schedule is fixed already. I’m leaving from Kansai International airport Osaka at 11 a.m (9 a.m) Sunday, 27 th March 2011. W I’ll have a short transit at Bali and will arrive at Jakarta at 5.10 p.m (local time)
The flight number is GA 886
Thanks so much for picking me up at the airport.
See you soon
32. Where is Yuko going to spend her summer holiday?
A. Kansai C. Bali
B. Osaka D. Jakarta
33. What time does the plane take off from Kansai?
A. 4.54 a.m C. 9.00 p.m
B. 11.00 a.m D. 5.10 p.m
The following text is for number 34-37
One day, a young wanderer got lost in a wood. Suddenly he saw a light from an old hut. He knocked on the door and an old women opened it. She was crying. She said that the devil had stolen her magic candle. The candle could grant anything she asked. The wanderer asked her where the devil lived. “ In a castle not far from here,” said the old women.
The wanderer went to the castle. There he found the devil but he was old and weak, therefor, when the wanderer grabbed the magic candle from the devils table and run away, the devil couldn’t chase him.
However, the wanderer wasn’t a good man. Instead of returning the magic candle to the old women. He kept it for himself. He lit the candle and make a wish. I want to go far away from here. Suddenly the genies appeared and took him to a beautiful palace. There was a party in the palace. The wanderer wanted to make some money so he hit the candle again and wished for some jewelry. He sold them to the guests and was soon making a lot of money.
Then the beautiful princess came to buy jewelry but there was nothing left. Therefore, the wanderer gave her to other jewelry. The wanderer fell in love with her and asked her to marry him at once. The kind princess said yes and they get married.
In his happiness the wanderer told the princess about his adventure with the magic candle. “Darling, Do you know how can marry you with a lot of jewelry? How can I have a lot of money?”
He started to explain” I know whatever you do, I keep love you but you mustn’t steal some one’s wealth”. She answered. ”the case is stole the old woman’s magic candle and then” I didn’t continue his speech. Hearing that the princess is very angry. At night, she lit the candle and wished that the wanderer disappeared. The next morning the wanderer awake and found himself back in his ugly house in the village.

34. What bad attitude did the wanderer do to the old woman?
A. he killed the devil who loved her very much
B. he tricked the old woman that the magic candle was lost
C. he didn’t give the magic candle to the old woman
D. he lit the magic candle and wished the old woman died
35. What special thing did the magic candle have?
A. it wouldn’t fulfill whatever he needed C. it could grant anything we wish
B. it had to refuse whatever we asked D. it might not accept someone’s wish
36. How did wanderer marry the princess?
A. he gave anything whatever she wished C. he fell in love at once and she did too
B. he told that he had a magic candle D. he was handsome and young to marry 37. What lesson can we take from the narration?
A. we must easily believe in someone C. he can tell about the secret to any one
B. we mustn’t trust someone easily D. we won’t believe whatever some say’s